The journey begins here to learn to breathe and transform your life. Breathwork develops your mental and physical capacity to elevate your performance and capability in all areas of life.

This free course guides you through the fundamentals of Breathwork. Step-by-step, we teach you foundational techniques to incorporate into your daily routine. Establish the baseline of Breathwork then continue your journey through the progressive techniques.

Breathe in a whole new way. This is what you’ll experience.

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  • 1. Intro

    An overview of Breathwork to establish a solid foundation of knowledge and techniques. Throughout all courses you’ll learn tips to reinforce what you are practicing.

  • 2. What is Breathwork

    Breathwork is not a common practice. In this video, we’ll define what Breathwork is, who could incorporate it into their daily lives, and why it’s a necessary practice to implement in today’s modern society.

  • 3. Meditation VS Breathwork

    Subtle yet significant differences exist between meditation and Breathwork. At the completion of this video, you’ll understand these differences, why it is significant, and the mental, physiological, and spiritual effects of incorporating Breathwork into your daily routine.

  • 4. Basics on how to breathe

    We need to breathe to survive. But do we understand the importance of efficient breathing and resting breathing?

    After completing the first two videos, you’ve become more conscious about how you breathe. This video reinforces what you’ve already learned and begins to expand the depth of your ex...

  • 5. How breathing affects the body

    Integral to breathing is the nervous system. When you breathe, different functions of the nervous system are activated. In this video, you’ll learn about breathing and the nervous system, how breathing is affected in real-life, and examples of situations in which to use Breathwork techniques.

  • 6. Diaphragmatic Breathing

    Most of us don’t think about how we breathe. When we do, it’s all about lung capacity. In this video, you’ll learn why breathing is a deeper internal exercise that includes the diaphragm. Understanding this is the most important aspect of Breathwork.

  • 7. Controlled Nasal Breathing

    Breathing through your mouth, especially during or after sustained physical exertion, has its place in ensuring oxygen enters our bodies. However, many of us don’t understand why breathing through our nose is more important to our overall health.

    Nasal breathing is controlled breathing. In this...

  • 8. Pulse Check

    Don’t skip over this video. Short and impactful, it is one of the most important lessons. You will learn how to use a pulse check to understand the link between how you breathe and your heart rate and why this is important.

  • 9. Controlled Nasal Breathing + Diaphram

    Videos on Diaphragmatic Breathing and Controlled Nasal Breathing taught you about these Breathwork techniques separately. Here, you’ll learn how to put the two together.

    As a basic exercise, and the foundation for the rest of the courses, you’ll finish these videos knowing how to use diaphragma...

  • 10. Next Steps on Your Journey

    Now that you understand the fundamentals of Breathwork, it’s time to put them to use and to continue to develop a healthier state of being. Remember to incorporate Diaphragmatic breathing with Nasal breathing and to check your pulse to understand how your new way of breathing is affecting your he...