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Watch this video and more on We Are Superhumans

Watch this video and more on We Are Superhumans

1. Intro

Fundamentals • 1m 40s

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  • 2. What is Breathwork

    Breathwork is not a common practice. In this video, we’ll define what Breathwork is, who could incorporate it into their daily lives, and why it’s a necessary practice to implement in today’s modern society.

  • 3. Meditation VS Breathwork

    Subtle yet significant differences exist between meditation and Breathwork. At the completion of this video, you’ll understand these differences, why it is significant, and the mental, physiological, and spiritual effects of incorporating Breathwork into your daily routine.

  • 4. Basics on how to breathe

    We need to breathe to survive. But do we understand the importance of efficient breathing and resting breathing?

    After completing the first two videos, you’ve become more conscious about how you breathe. This video reinforces what you’ve already learned and begins to expand the depth of your ex...