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Watch this video and more on We Are Superhumans

Watch this video and more on We Are Superhumans

4. Basics on how to breathe

Fundamentals • 1m 13s

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  • 5. How breathing affects the body

    Integral to breathing is the nervous system. When you breathe, different functions of the nervous system are activated. In this video, you’ll learn about breathing and the nervous system, how breathing is affected in real-life, and examples of situations in which to use Breathwork techniques.

  • 6. Diaphragmatic Breathing

    Most of us don’t think about how we breathe. When we do, it’s all about lung capacity. In this video, you’ll learn why breathing is a deeper internal exercise that includes the diaphragm. Understanding this is the most important aspect of Breathwork.

  • 7. Controlled Nasal Breathing

    Breathing through your mouth, especially during or after sustained physical exertion, has its place in ensuring oxygen enters our bodies. However, many of us don’t understand why breathing through our nose is more important to our overall health.

    Nasal breathing is controlled breathing. In this...