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Watch this video and more on We Are Superhumans

Watch this video and more on We Are Superhumans

7. Controlled Nasal Breathing

Fundamentals • 2m 8s

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  • 8. Pulse Check

    Don’t skip over this video. Short and impactful, it is one of the most important lessons. You will learn how to use a pulse check to understand the link between how you breathe and your heart rate and why this is important.

  • 9. Controlled Nasal Breathing + Diaphram

    Videos on Diaphragmatic Breathing and Controlled Nasal Breathing taught you about these Breathwork techniques separately. Here, you’ll learn how to put the two together.

    As a basic exercise, and the foundation for the rest of the courses, you’ll finish these videos knowing how to use diaphragma...

  • 10. Next Steps on Your Journey

    Now that you understand the fundamentals of Breathwork, it’s time to put them to use and to continue to develop a healthier state of being. Remember to incorporate Diaphragmatic breathing with Nasal breathing and to check your pulse to understand how your new way of breathing is affecting your he...