Your nervous system is fundamental to a strong body and mind. Learn how to adapt and up regulate the nervous system, use Breathwork techniques to provide a boost of vitality, turn up the adrenaline, and build a SuperHuman immune system.

SuperBoost is a bit of a paradox. The reason we say this is because these Breathwork exercises are intended to move the body’s response to the sympathetic side of the nervous system (our stress response), which is the opposite of nearly everything else we teach.

This course explains how breathing can affect the nervous system to improve your overall health.

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  • 1. Intro

    Each video to follow provides an in-depth understanding of the SuperBoost method to leverage your nervous system. Using Breathwork techniques, your immune system will be fundamentally affected.

  • 2. Up Regulating Vs Down Regulating

    The sympathetic nervous system plays a critical role in regulating inflammatory conditions. Putting yourself into this mode for a short period of time induces an anti-inflammatory response within the body. It also helps with pain management since when we up regulate the system adrenaline is relea...

  • 3. Hyperventilation Vs Controlled Hyperventilation

    Learn the difference between Hyperventilation and Controlled Hyperventilation. Understand the positive effects of using Controlled Hyperventilation to regulate your response to stress and additional benefits for your mind and body.

  • 4. Power Breaths

    Power Breaths is a Controlled Hyperventilation exercise. Expect to experience tingling and light-headedness as you learn this method. Follow the instructor’s directions and take your time learning how to properly execute this exercise.

  • 5. Rapid Nasal Breathing

    Another Controlled Hyperventilation exercise, this technique up regulates the nervous system while helping cleanse the nasal passage.