We developed SuperCalm to help you understand your relationship with stress and anxiety. There are triggers in your daily routine, or that happen by chance, which activate stress and anxiety. Breathwork using the SuperCalm techniques can reverse your physical and emotional response.

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  • 1. Intro

    Fight, flight, or freeze are responses to stressors or danger that we choose from throughout the course of our lives. On a daily basis, we have triggers that create stress and anxiety. We experience them at home, in relationships, at work, in the grocery store, and even when we are competing in a...

  • 2. External Vs Internal Triggers

    Stress is a mental and physical reaction to external triggers like working long hours, uncontrollable children, or getting stuck in traffic. Anxiety is an internally triggered emotional and physical reaction to situations which include self-doubt, over-thinking, and comparing yourself to others. ...

  • 3. The Bodies Stress Response

    Fight, flight, or freeze is a normal response to stressors and perceived danger. It's important to understand why we have a stress response and know it is an evolutionary adaptation to increase our chances of survival in dangerous situations.

    In this video, learn why we are hard-wired with thes...

  • 4. Pursed Lips

    This is a quick and accessible exercise to immediately slow your breathing.

  • 5. Anxiety Relief

    Find immediate relief from anxiety or panic attacks with these steps in order to bring calmness both physically and mentally

  • 6. Balanced Breathing

    Immediately relieve stress by intentionally reducing your breathing to 6 breaths per minute.

  • 7. Ladder Breathing

    Gradually reach a deep calming state with the ladder exhales exercise.

  • 8. Extended Exhales

    Tap deeper into your rest and digest disposition with this extended-exhale exercise.

  • 9. Ladder Breathing Advanced

    Gradually reach an advanced calming state with longer exhales and deeper relaxation.

  • 10. Extended Exhales Advanced

    Reach longer exhales to take you to a calming rhythmic breathing flow.