SuperHold was developed to teach you how to practice breath-hold properly and efficiently. Each video in this series explains exercises to increase your CO² capacity, build your tolerance for low levels of oxygen, improve your lung capacity, and increase your mental strength and resilience.

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  • 1. Intro

    Holding your breath is not natural unless you’re underwater or there is an odor your don’t want to smell. Through these videos, we will explain why holding your breath intentionally can be beneficial.

    Learning to take deep, deeper, and your deepest breath builds a stronger body and increases yo...

  • 2. What Happens In The Body As You Hold Your Breath

    Holding your breath causes physical reactions in your body. In this video, you learn what is happening and why this exercise is helping.

  • 3. What Happens To The Mind As You Hold Your Breath

    Your mental ability is dependent upon oxygen flow. In this video, you will learn what happens to your mental capability when you hold your breath.

  • 4. The Breathe Up

    Prepare yourself mentally and physically before holding your breath. Understand the techniques you should use before you hold your breath and move into a game-changing exercise.

  • 5. Final Inhale

    Why is the last inhale important? Learn how the 2-part efficient last inhale is crucial to holding your breath for peak performance.

  • 6. Final Inhale Advanced

    As you improve upon the 2-part inhale from the previous video and become accustomed to holding your breath, it’s time to challenge your ability further and move to the advanced 3-part efficient last inhale to extend your performance.

  • 7. Recovery Breathing

    A quick recovery opens the door to additional training opportunities or even to help you become fully awake after a deep sleep.

  • Low O2 tolerance Exercise

    This exercise will help you built tolerance to low O² levels in your body, improving your capability to withstand contractions during breath-holding

  • Stable Table Exercise

    With this exercise, you will work on both lower levels of O2 and increased levels of C0² at the same time.

  • CO2 Tolerance exercise

    This exercise will help you built tolerance to CO² in your body, improve not only breath-holding, but overall breathing patterns.

  • 1. One Minute Breath Hold

    This is the 1-minute breath hold challenge.

  • 2. Two Minute Breath Hold

    This is the 2-minute breath hold challenge.

  • 3. Three Minute Breath Hold

    This is the 3-minute breath hold challenge.

  • 4. Four Minute Breath Hold

    This is the 4-minute breath hold challenge.