SuperMind was created to help strengthen the bridge between the body and mind. You will learn exercises and techniques utilized by Navy Seals in order to return breathing to its normal rhythm while helping clear the mind and improve focus.

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  • 1. Intro

    There are times when it is necessary to clear your mind quickly and be ready to respond at work, home, or while playing a sport. The techniques in the following videos help to awaken your body and mind so the two are in synchronization. Your mind will be sharper, and your body will be prepared to...

  • 2. The Power Of The Breath And The Mind

    BreathWork links to the mind. Oxygen flow to the brain is imperative for peak performance. Once you have completed this video, you will understand why there is a strong link between the breath and the mind.

  • 3. The Power Of Visualisation

    The mind-body connection is real.

    Visualization is a technique to help achievers walk through the steps of what needs to be accomplished before they even start. Think of the athlete who calms their mind and sees their performance before they step on the track, jump into the water, or prepares t...

  • 4. Triangle Breathing

    Bring focus and calmness at the same time to perform calmly yet efficiently.

  • 5. Box Breathing

    Progressing on from Triangle Breathing, Box breathing has been utilised by Navy Seals, Nurses, Martial Artists, and CEOs across the world to help stay calm, alert, and focused.
    Practicing this four-part breathing exercise will help you achieve focus and calmness.

  • 6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    This 2-part mind-body visualization technique helps relieve tension from head to toe. Reduce overall stress and relax after a long day or if you're feeling anxious.

  • 7. Follow The Breath

    A voice-guided technique, observe your breath travelling through your body and emptying your mind during this calming exercise.

  • 8. Down The Spine

    While seated, quickly ground your mind and body with this body scanning exercise.