1 out of 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors to improving and maintaining our health and well-being. SuperSleep is a method we developed to help you fall asleep in less than 10 minutes. This course explains our method and how to use it to experience the best sleep you have had in a long time.

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  • 1. Intro

    So many of us wake up each day feeling foggy. There are many reasons why we don’t sleep well: worry, illness, PMS, sore muscles, crazy schedules. Some of us think our bodies don’t need to rest and recover for the recommended amount of sleep time. Okay, for some people, it’s true – they don’t need...

  • 2. The Super Sleep Method

    Can you optimize the time you sleep to ensure it is restful? Why does your body need to recover? In this video, you’ll learn the importance of rest and recovery, why we developed the SuperSleep method, how Breathwork is incorporated, and why it is important to learn the techniques.

  • 3. Unwind

    Step one in the SuperSleep method is to learn how to unwind. Unwinding has many forms and definitions, and each can be incorporated into this method. To gain the fullest impact of unwinding, Breathwork moves you into a state of relaxation.

  • 4. Lower Heart Rate

    In Course One, we learned about the importance of checking your pulse to understand your heart rate. In this video, we keep that in mind as we explain how to lower your heart rate using Breathwork to move to the next level of preparation for sleep.

  • 5. Clear The Mind

    Stop worrying, let go of the day or moment, and feel your body begin to release whatever is causing you to lose sleep. To clear your mind, learn how to incorporate Breathwork.

  • 6. Sleep State Breathing

    Finally. . . We’re now in a state of relaxation and will use BreathWork to help us stay asleep. Because we’re learning to use BreathWork throughout the day, Diaphragmatic and Nasal breathing are becoming second-nature even in our sleep. Our bodies have moved through the SuperSleep method. Restles...